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Tattletale tg by ParishSoldier Tattletale tg by ParishSoldier
Mark was at the bar with his friend Rob for a might, and even though Mark had a girlfriend he went home with a girl that night. The next day he went to his apartment where he and his girlfriend lived. When he got there he set his stuff down and turned around to see his pissed off girlfriend standing there, she had her stuff in bags and she began to yell at Mark furiously, somehow she had found out about the previous night. Mark couldn't have thought of a way she could've found out, he thought that Rob couldn't have told her, the two of them had been best friends for years. So without Mark saying a word his girlfriend Mary left and slammed the door behind her.

He texted Rob about what happened and told him to meet him at the bar that night to get wasted, but that whole day Mark wondered if Rob had told Mary about him him cheating on her. That night they both arrived and sat down at the counter, Mark noticed the same girl who worked the counter the previous night was again working. He made up his mind to ask her if Rob called or texted anyone, but first he needed Rob to leave, ten minutes later Rob announced he was going to the bathroom, he left and Mark turned to the bar tender. "Hey, miss." Mark said, "do ya need a drink?" replied the girl. "Nah, I was wondering if you noticed the guy that just went to the bathroom last Night?" Mark asked, "hmmm, that Bob guy, right?" the girl said, "Rob, but yeah, did you see him on his phone and call anyone last night after I left?" Mark asked, "Yeah, actually, when you left he called some girl and told him about you, I think her name was Mary." the girl replied.

Mark as furious but he kept a deathly straight face, "Ok, thanks miss." "Why is that important?" the girl ask him. Mark hesitated then hold her briefly as Rob was no doubt coming back soon. "uh, that is bull crap, if you want to get back at him give him this." the girl passed Mark a drink then looked like any other beer, then the girl left as her shift was probably over. Rob came back and sat down and asked, "what I miss?" "nothing much, I did get you a drink on me though." Mark replied, Rob said his thanks then drank the whole mysterious beer. Suddenly he passed out on the counter, Mark didn't know what to do, he thought that the drink may have been poisoned or something, Mark only thought it would make him throw up or something. He asked for help from a few other guys and got Rob into his car, he then proceeded to drive to his apartment. He dragged Rob out and went up the elevator to his room. He put him on his coach and went to the phone, before he could get there he heard Rob moan and he turned to his friend and saw that his hair had changed from dirty blonde to dark brown and was growing in length, his face also started to changed his his nose became more slender, his lips puffed up and his face thinned becoming more petite, his whole body had thinned out, his fingers got longer and thinner as did his arms and shoulders, his body hair disappeared and his neck got more slender and longer, Mark could see the mounds on bis chest start to form under his shirt as they became D cup breasts, then his clothes started to disapear until he was only in dark blue bra and panties, long earrings appeared and pink nail polish was suddenly on his fingers, makeup was added to his face. As Mark looked down he saw that he had missed changes and that Rob was now q sexy woman wearing barely anything, then the new woman woke up rolled over so she was on her thin stomach biting her finger look seductively at Mark, "hey hot stuff, you wouldn't believe how very horn I am right now and how much I need you to fill me." the woman said in a sexy feminine voice, then the woman got up and walked to Mark who still was in shock, "Come sexy, ram me right in my wet pussy." mark couldn't take it, he took the girl and kissed her passionately and took her to his bedroom where he rammed her and gave her the best sex of her life as she became his sex slave.
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aleeta ocean
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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beautiful eyes.
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nice, you gotta love the irony.  she is beautiful excellent work
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is that Aletta Ocean?
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Do u do request by any chance
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Interesting. Punishing the rat, but not the cheater. Decent story though.
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Amazing cap
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