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My friend Lee and I were hanging out together for Valentine's Day since neither of us could find a date, so it was just a bro's night. We decided to drink some Mikes and watched football."I'm gonna get another pack of Mikes" Lee said as he headed for my kitchen, I only half heard him though, I was pretty sucked into the game. When he returned with the alcohol he just muttered, "Here's to another shit Valentines Day" which I responded to with a very sarcastic, "hooray" but then something crashed through my window. "Shit" I hissed as I jumped off the couch and went to see what had happened. Lying in the glass I saw a little man baby, wearing only a white robe. He got up, dusted himself off, looked up at Lee and I and said, "which one of you summoned me?" But before he finished I was already saying, "who the hell are you?" He gave me a look like I was an idiot and replied, "I'm cupid. Now, who's the lucky guy?" Lee interjected with, "What does it take to summon ya?" The so called cupid said with that same tone that he had just given me and said, "Anyone who complains about Valentines Day" to which Lee followed with, "I said, "here's to one more shitty Valentines Day, would that count?" Cupid looked up at him, nodded his head and said, "that would do. You there" he pointed to me at this point- "You ready for some fun?" And he disapeared.

Next thing I knew I had fallen on my hands and knees. A surge of heat washed through me as most of my weight, and what little muscle I had disapeared. I felt a prickling feeling going down my back, then suddenly immense pain as my back arched, then my chest started feeling hot as hell as it began to swell and two large breasts grew. The prickling spread to my shoulders, then they also changed. They got became increasingly less broad, and as it continued down my arms, they got longer, and thinner than before. I felt another jolt of immense pain as my wrist got smaller, and then my fingers. My waist got smaller too, but I hardly noticed as the pain had travelled to my ass and thighs. Instead of getting skinnier like my arms, they got thicker and curvier. My feet were next, as they got smaller and delicate. The prickling reappeared at the back of my skull as hair erupted, growing down my new feminine form and turning jet black and getting curly as it grew. The sensation then got to my face as my cheekbones raised, my lips got so soft, my nose became petite, and my eyes grew larger, and also became black. My whole skull reform to fit my female face. Then, pain like nothing else grew in my groan as my dick got smaller and smaller until it was replaced with my new womanhood making me fully female. My skin complexion got darker and makeup applied to my face. My dark eyes searched the room for Lee for help, but I couldn't see him anywhere. Then,my clothes began to get smaller. My pale blue sweater became nothing more than a thin, revealing tank top. My jeans became so small they vanished. As did my socks and shoes. But my underwear became a tight, and surprisingly comfortable pear of white panties. Jewely then also appeared. A chain on my wrist, and a ring too. Then diamond stud earrings.

I got up using my new long, sexy legs and nearly fell on my face with my new center of gravity. I found Lee starring at me in a corner where he backed into. Before I could speak I saw his eyes flash pink, and an erection appeared in his pants. He began to walk over to me, I tried to speak, but all that came out were small, soft squeaks. I couldnt help but stare at his bulge, sensing a strange pull towards it, but I knew I couldn't think that way, it wasn't right. Or was it? Do I want it? I couldn't stop myself from asking these questions, and when he reached me, he put his hand on my thin waist and I felt myself getting wet. But I'm a man, right? No, I used to be a man, now I'm Lee's...No! I'm, uh, I'm...I can't remember who I am and its all because of, it's because I'm a woman, a sexy woman that loves the touch of my man, Lee. I quickly shook the insane thoughts of being a man. How could I? I love being a woman. I began to kiss Lee passionately as we stumbled into the bedroom. We fell onto the bed as we began to undress each other. I couldn't wait for my Valentines Day sex, I was getting wetter by the second. And before I knew it, we were both naked on my bed. He filled me with his manhood and began to thrust. Harder and faster he went as I gasped and moaned with pleasure. His grunting only intensifying the experience. He then began to fondle with my large, round breasts which added another round of pleasure, I could barely control myself, I screamed as we both climaxed, our juices all over each other. He slid off me panting as I thought of how much I loved my man, and the incredible sex we had together.
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Becarra Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Simply perfect!
tobyv23 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016
What's so shitty about a girl like her
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
what a good shape here! nice story..
TheBatFag22 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
Keep up the great work
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