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Bruce was on a plane when suddenly the breathing make dropped down and the captain announced that their systems were started to fail. Then the began to drop and Bruce passed out. When he awoke he looked around to see the other passengers bloodied and either unconscious or dead. He look forward and saw a bright light. It was the sun. The plane had ripped in half and he was at an upward forty-five degree angle. He looked down and saw that there was blood dripping, he looked up and saw nothing, then he noticed the piercing pain in his own head. He touched his fingers to his forehead and when he look at his fingers again he saw the blood red from the gash in his head. He unbuckled and crawled down to one of the escape doors, he opens it and fell into sand. He looked around weakly and saw a beautiful beach, he crawled to a tree and used it as support to push himself up, then he noticed the dark skinned man in jeans and a t-shirt holding a bag approaching him, he pulled out a radio and said, “It worked, the plane was pulled down and we have many new test subjects”
Bruce tried to get away when the man pushed him back into the tree, “Don’t worry-“ to which Bruce cut him off and asked, “What are we for, why did you call us subjects?” the man looked calm as ever and replied, “We are trying to create spies to infiltrate enemy ranks and gain information or if they have to, get rid of people” Bruce then asked more questions, “What are you trying to make, and what’s been going wrong? I’m a doctor, maybe I can help you! I don’t have to be a subject” the other man then said, “We have been trying to make beautiful women to seduce, and we have had many issues, including it being contagious, and the women not being intelligent enough, but I believe I’ve fixed those issues but we ran out of subjects, and you can help us, here” and with that he pulled out a needle and injected Bruce with it in the neck. With that Bruce leaned back into the tree in severe pain. The man then dropped his bag on the sand beach and walked off. Suddenly there was a loud crank as his back arched inward, then his other bones started changing, molding into a more feminine structure. Bruce’s body then began to get thinner, his hands and feet got smaller and petite as his fingers grew longer. Then his legs grew longer as his waist shrunk with another crack. His skull then changed becoming small and more agile like a women’s, his face then changed, his cheekbones raised and his nose got smaller as his lips got soft and kissable and his eyes got bigger and changed color into a light green. His eyelashes grew longer and his eyebrows got thinner. Then two breasts began to form from his chest until he had two plush breasts. Next his manhood was sucked into his body becoming a new pussy, then his ass rounded slightly finishing his curvy body. Then his Harry changed color until it was a fiery red and then it began to grow, becoming more curly as it went down, it stopped growing when it reached his back. Now Bruce was a full female.
she went to his bag and found a gray small shirt, white parties and Jean short shorts. She then felt her head wound close and she washes the blood off her face. She also found a bit of makeup which she had an unusually urge to put on, and so she did, quite well too. She then heard the man coming back so she learned onto the tree, but when she saw him mental changes began, she started to think and her heart rate picked up, she suddenly knew how to walk as a woman, how to talk as a woman, and how to turn a man on. But more than anything else she felt complete anger towards the man, he had made her like this, so she used her new talents to use. “Why, hello handsome” she said while pulling her shorts down to reveal her parties to him, the man looked her up and down and took his radio out once more, “It seems like she’s like the others, she seems quote horny” she then began to walk up to him, he started to back up but then she pounced on him and held him down as she began to kiss him, and the more she did it the more he seemed to relax, she continued and then began to use tongue. The man then stopped kissing her as she heard a cracking sound and before her eyes he himself began to change, his whole body shrank several inches and he began to become much thinner as his body hair disappeared and his skin became smooth and soft to the touch. His legs grew long and his hands and feet became delicate and small as his waist shrunk, his face then morphed into one of a beautiful Indian women’s, his jet black hair grew longer and his dick then got sucked into his body becoming a wet new pussy, two large breasts began to form on his chest and finally, his ass expanded becoming a round bobble butt. She then looked at Bruce with her new large dark eyes and she saw who the man was slip away and become a horny little bitch. Unlike Bruce, instead of gaining intelligence, he—now a she—had lost it and was now quite turned on. “Please” the Indian woman gasped, “I need someone to fill my new desires” Bruce now smiled, she was going to find everyone else on this island who had been experimenting on people and make them just like the woman before her, but first, Bruce had to admit she too was a little turned on so her and the other woman began to kiss passionately and soon were pleasuring each other like they had never imagined possible before
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cosmicbrat Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
Am surfing for 'eyes of passion'..  This is close to it.. 

There's a deeper look in eyes that says 'I Need All of you NOW!!'..  It's a fiery spark glow which is impossible to take your eyes off of..  You feel owned.. You ARE Owned..  It's like the fire of sunlight blasting a red burst off of a diamond..  Happened to me once, as I strolled past a jewellery store front..  The explosive fire stung my eyes, knocked me back like a kick to the face..  My eyes stung for a week..  That's the passion eyes I seek, 'diamond flash eyes'..  I've seen it, when the lass in the pickup truck at a coffee shop was glaring at me with so much heated wanton passion, I didn't know there could be that much passion..  It looked like blue/green eyefire..  It even felt like fire in my mind and spirit..  I could feel where she was imagining touching me as if she really were touching me.. Mind-rape I suppose..  quite enjoyable..  Fell like 'more than love'.. Words don't do it justice...
What's that eye fire called in scientific terms, in artist terms, in cosmic terms..? 
Where can I see pix of those eyes of raw passion fire..?  Where can I see those real fire eyes..  Feels like behind those eyes is absolute emotion.. absolute pure raw passion.. the epitome of passion..   This goddess has it 60%..   more please...
cosmicbrat Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
On second thought, what I was probably sensing and feeling, from that greater than life Wild creature, was pure raw LUST at its greatest..  A wondrous experience in the least..  Seems she still owns me after all these years..   'Lust Fire Eyes', something like tasting solo bumble-bee honey, in which the tiniest taste momentarily renders one unconscious from its overload 'sting' to the senses...
cosmicbrat Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
These eyes are close, but with just a tiny hint of the fire.. 
If you stare at these eyes you might see a tiny bit of the blue/green fire flash for a hundredth of a second, if you have it to resonate sympathetically with this model's lust...
These eyes are at about 75% of what I experienced...
I hope to see more lust fire eyes..  I wager such pix would be extremely good sellers...
But how would one get a model to show such eyes if she doesn't have it in her to show..?  I doubt one could fake lust, just as one couldn't fake love..  Prove me wrong...…

Maybe one way to force lust would be for the model to meditate imagining she is breathing through a panther's nostrils..  But never touch a model who is in panther mode..  She must then be treated as 'your majesty', as you would treat a wild panther up close and personal, which I had the experience..  If she likes milk, I would silently non-intrusively offer her a small glass of chilled cream, without any eyes contact whatsoever...
y4ui89 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
Pure perfection!Love :horny: revamp :motorboat: Titties :gimmedemtitties: Woohooooo! 
mexicanbadas Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
Beautiful speechless 
Akiratang Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hot :)
Transformstorys Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome Story! I like the ending ;) 
traverlofborders Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
very beautiful shot and model
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
becinu Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
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