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Clint was a chubby guy who was hanging out with his friends at the beach, the reason they were there was for the girls of course. They all kept trying their luck at hitting on girls expecting a different result from the last, and each time the girls either told them to go screw themselves or just left. See, their idea of flirting was insulting the girls to try and make them win their approval which never actually worked. Clint was getting pretty aggravated near the end, then they saw a beautiful blonde bombshell walking across the beach in a t-shirt and jeans, so Clint walked up to her and said, “Nice boobs, if only you had a pretty face to match it” the woman was quite surprised then she did something Clint wasn’t eating at all, she pushed him into the water as a wave crashed into the beach so he was left soaking wet, then the woman snapped her fingers, turned around and left him there. Clint then tried to get up but he fell over again when he did. Then he started to lose weight, all over he started to get thinner until he was left with almost no fat on him, next another wave hit him as the small amount of body hair he had washed away and his arms and legs grew longer and his skin became smoother. Then he got a slight tan as his hands and wrist got smaller and his fingers grew longer, he then looked down and his feet to find they had changed too, they were now small and petite. Then his back arched inward as his waist shrunk, then his now thin face began to change more as his round nose became smaller and thinner as his eyes got bigger and changed into a date brown, then his lips got bigger and softer and his cheekbones raised. His bushy eyebrows then got smaller and thinner as his hair started to grow until it reaches his mid back. He then looked down to see two breasts beginning to form from his chest until they were two round c-cups. Finally his dick disappeared and was replaced with a new womanhood. Now fully female her gray shit then shrunk a couple sizes to match her new body and show off her new cleavage through the thin material as her swim trunks became black bikini bottoms. Dark red nail polish then appeared on her fingers as a small amount of makeup appeared on her face. Clint looked down at her now new beautiful, female, body, she began to feel all over and then she looked up at her friends were talking, unaware of what has just happened. After inspecting her new body she began to walk over to her friends adjusting to the her new center of gravity. When she reached them she spoke in her new soft voice and just said, “hey-“ but before she could go on a flood of new female hormones rushed into her head changing her into a Horny woman with no memory of Clint, she remembered herself as Cleo and walked off to try and find a sexy hunk on the beach to show her a good time.
Clint friends noticed the beautiful brunette with the wet shirt apropos them before turning around and walking off, they were quite bewildered but not as much as when the blonde that their friend had been talking to walked over to them, they greeted her with compliments and cheesy pick up lines, she just smiled a knowing smile and said, “Depending on your view of things, today is your very lucky day” then she snapped her fingers… That day half a dozen lucky guys went home with beautiful girls they didn’t even see arrive at the beach in the first place
bitwarai Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  New Deviant  Photographer
Hot and sexy
traverlofborders Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
very sexy!
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
a day to the magic beach! another good one..
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November 7, 2015
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